The Maui Recycling Service Team     

Ruben Ortiz

Commercial Accounts., mechanic,

Ruben has been with the 
company since 1994,
longer then anyone else in company history!
He is more than our main driver, he is a cornerstone of the company...

At the Makawao Rodeo Parade, July 2001, where we won first place in commercial entry.
Look below for pictures of Rubens picnic in 2004!

Shaun Stenshol


Shaun actually works all aspects of the business.... routes, office, Customer Service, etc...
He has been with the company since 1997
and is responsible for putting the company on the path to 100% sustainability and zero waste...
Besides his recycling efforts, he switched the company to using 100% biodiesel and tree-free paper...he started Bio-Beetle Rentals... etc...etc...


Pamela Miedtke-Wolf

Vice President

 Pam joined us from the other fringe state, Alaska in November, 2002 and assists with everything from Customer Service to routes, bin maintenance and website upkeep... She strives towards zero waste in her life. She loves snorkeling and kayaking, and converting any recipe to a strict vegetarian one!


Main Residential Driver


 Ray was born in Hawaii so has a close connection with the islands and protecting them. Ray loves spending time at the beach. He has three sons and a new baby daughtor, born in late February 2009.

2009 Phone Book recycling

Celebrating Rubens first 10 years with Maui Recycling Service


The "boys" playing around...



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