Maui Recycling Service Newsletter Archive

Dec. 2018 More issues with recycling

Sept. 2017 China creates issues with plastic recycling

Dec.2016 New Non profit Maui Recycling Service is helping. Save An

2016 County cancels battery recycling program and metal recycling

2015 Congrats to Maui Recycling Service owner, Shaun Stenshol, nominated to mayors outstanding businesses.
County grant.

June. 2014 - Aug. 2014 Maui recycles more glass than other islands, but has to PAY because of it!
County grant.

Dec. 2013 - Feb. 2014 We have great customers! Thanks for voting for us! Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars, WINS, one of Greenest businesses from Green America! Maui's incineration plan... Maui Recycling Service now taking used cooking oil too!

Sept. 2013 - Nov. 2013 Ecycling: Revisit the electronic recycling program on Maui, New Kann 3 truck!

June 2013 - Aug 2013 Sweat shops, Garment Factories, Organics... aren't all what you think... What is really behind the products YOU buy??

March 2013- May. 2013 Incinerators, AGAIN! Waste to Energy! Write your elected officials!

Dec. 2012- Feb. 2013 Happy Holidays! No Kill Maui, Shouldn't all animals brought to the local Humane Society be given a chance at life? Vertical Spice, cool spice rack gift idea!

Sept. 2012-Nov 2012 Vote, Aren't we supposed to be More than a two party system? Container ideas. Stolen bins? Maui Green Home. Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars

June. 2012-Aug 2012 Recycling Symbols, Hide HI5 please, free containers, New driver Cy, Comic: everything exactly like mainland,

March. 2011-May 2012 What happened to Dec-March? End of Kann1, Debris from 2011 tsunami, 100% Electric rental car on Maui

Sept. 2011-November 2011 When did "recycling" start? Did you know... The US consumes, discards, wastes this much! ... Paper bags are cardboard... Send garbage and brussel sprouts to countries in need...

June. 2011- August. 2011 Sunscreen virus. Sunscreens are ruining our oceans! Electronic recycling. Newly painted truck with paint from Community work day!

March. 2011- May. 2011 Say NO to styrofoam, alot of times, people without kids car more about the future than those with kids!

Dec. 2010- Feb. 2011 Stop using plastic bags. Plastic bag ban!!!! Yeaaaa

Sept. 2010- Nov. 2010 Buy local! Battery recycling. Paper. Ecycling. Money can't buy happiness...

June 2010- Aug 2010 Twenty years of curbside recycling on Maui,

March 2010- May 2010 Garbage Dumps Mauis history, Ruben with us 15 years! sneaking others recycling into yours... Comic = He didn't sort his recyclables properly

Dec 2009- Feb 2010 Recycling on other islands Bamboo Houses. Electronics and paper. Comic = Hey, that was worth 5 cents

Sept 2009- November 2009  Recycle Glossy Paper and magazines again! Clothes you wear. Thank you county for truck repair grant.

June 2009- August 2009  Sustainable LOCAL living, phonebooks, electronics, Dinas back, Maui grown coffee Comic = Technically, being a volcanic island, our state is growing, so there will be more space available someday, so why worry?

March 2009- May 2009 Phonebook recycling drive, Tie cardboard please, Art of Trash, Rays baby girl Comic= ... and we actually used the same telephone for over 25 years!

Dec. 2008- Feb 2009   Free Recycling, Pay as you Throw trash hauling, Time for Giving Garbage, Residential driver Ray, deli & tofu plastic tubs Comic = Why do we pay the same for garbage as everyone else?

Sept 2008-Nov 2008   Ban Plastic bags, VOTE, instant runoff voting, publicly financed campaigns... 

june 2008-Aug 2008  Mercury, Stop littering TNR cats kittens! Paperless billing, Zero waste maui.

March 2008-May 2008  Phone Book recycling, Friends of Library store 10 cent books! Paperless billing, Pam at whale day.

Dec 2007-Feb 2008  Maui Recycling looking at going non profit. Don't use plastic bags! Shop resale shops!

Sept 2007-Nov. 2007  Incinerators.. Waste to energy! HA!  Aloha Shares program. Neighbors using your bins? Batteries.Ecycling. 

June 2007-August 2007 Why is recycling so expensive on Maui? Landfill costs should be much higher!... Shaun Stenshol Environmental Hero. Driver: Ryan Williams. Don't buy Epson products. Tie up cardboard!

March 2007-May 2007 Government totally fails Recycling effort, Crush it please, Plastic bottles, Refill ink cartridges at office max

December 2006-February 2007
Costs of Recycling, New Office Manager, Zero Waste gifts, 

Sept 2006- November 2006 Elections, Plastic 1 & 2, bagging it...

June 2006-August 2006 Zero Waste, what does it take? What can you do? Doggie bags, toilet paper...

March 2006-May 2006 Bio-Beetle opens in L.A., Maui Talks, LOOK at your garbage, Fossil fuels, pick up liter, disposable garbage cans! 

Dec 2005-Feb 2006 waste to energy incinerator, Bio-Beetle ECO rental car, zero waste gifts.

Sept 2005-Nov 2005 Paper problems continue, incinerators, toothpaste, cardboard...

June 2005-Aug 2005 Paper problems, Newspaper, Office paper, Magazines, catalogs, Mundo

March 2005-May 2005 Truck problems, plastic bags, batteries, Hi 5 beverage containers, Earth Day

Dec. 2004 - Feb.2005 Hawaii Bottle Bill, recycling gift wrap, zero waste gifts

Sept.2004 - Nov.2004  Recycling Batteries and printer cartridges, Avoid over packaging buy in bulk, VOTE!

June 2004 - August 2004 Beyond home recycling / offices, magazine subscription alternatives, tin vs. Aluminum.

March 2004 - May 2004  Diapers, water bottles, funding needed for truck, sharing accounts, cardboard

December 2003 - February 2004 Great news for TIN, Holiday tips, Biodiesel in Paia.

Sept 2003 - November 2003 Number 1 plastic. Price increase. Tin challenges. Biobeetle on Oahu. Paper concerns. Ink cartridges. 

June 2003 - August 2003 Tin & plastic update. Biodiesel. Composting. #2 plastic: Where does it go?  Invisible waste. Buy recycled 

March 2003 - May 2003  Maui Eko/Maui Glass help with Maui Scrap metal changes, Bio-Beetle rental car on the road...

December 2002 - February 2003  MRS plastic policy change, Ins and Outs of Curbside Recycling, Arakawa promises to support MRF, Grocery Bags

September - November 2002  Maui needs a MRF; Why Plastic should be Avoided; Bio-Beetle Rental Car; Tree Free Paper

June-August 2002    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Compost; Zero Waste Challenge

March-May 2002    Rechargeable batteries; First Recycling Award