Why do I have to pay to recycle?
Don't you get paid for everything you haul?

Actually, NO, we don't get paid for much of anything!
Maui Recycling Service is a hauling company only! We are not a processor.
We would get the nickles for Hi5, but we do NOT get paid to recycle other items
and WE actually have to pay to get rid of somethings!
Non HI5 glass, such as wine bottles we actually have to pay for someone to take!
PLUS, we have to pay for someone to seperate the Hi5 from the non hi5, and since most people keep their own Hi5,
we end up with a lot of non HI5 glass! THAT is why you don't see most others recycling non HI5 glass,
and one of the reasons the county didn't even offer glass recycling in their pilot program,
because it costs a lot of money to recycle glass, and is a hassle to separate!!

PLUS, there are trucks to pay for, and drivers, fuel, and maintanance,
an office, etc, etc There is a lot that goes into running a business, as you most likely know...

We are also on an island in the middle of the Pacific!
We do not have the industry here (a good thing!!!) that would want to buy these items.
Our processor deals with finding buyers, over seas, which is a constant job in itself.
The goal for them, of course, is to sell the items at a profit,
but quite often the processor makes just enough to cover the high costs of shipping,
and the labor, and, hopefully, all involved to get it to that spot.

Why do I have to separate the items?
Back home we could put all the recycling in one can!

We are on an island in the middle of the Pacific. A very small island as it is.
All items have to go to different places, separately, to actually get recycled.
Single stream facilities are very, very expensive to build,
and we do not have the population here, that they do on the mainland, (a good thing)
that generates enough recycling to warrent a facility for such a thing.
Plus if you add the cost of shipping these items to another state, or country,
you can see how costs get very high, very quickly.
Single stream recycling also creates less quality items for others to purchase, (imagine what gets stuck to paper)
thusly, more items that do end up in the landfill.

Isn't paper "paper", and plastic "plastic"?
Why do these items have to be separated?
Putting, say, office paper with newspaper, or a number 1 plastic with a number 2
is no different than putting a glass with a piece of tin.
All these items contain different types of material, and are used for completely different end products.
All must be separated completely for most buyers, or the worth of the product goes way down,
and in some cases would be rejected completely, and labeled "trash".

We are a very small business trying to do the right thing,
at the fairest price and most convenient way for you possible.

The more YOU can do to help the program, by separating as much as possible the better all around.
The more items not separated means the more items will go to the landfill or
the more we are forced to sort, means the more labor hours for us,
less revenue, and eventually higher prices to you.

We are trying to provide the best and "greenest" service possible at the lowest price possible, while making it as convenient to you as possible,
but yes, items do need to be separated!

Besides recycling more items than the drop boxes take,
Recycling can be messy and buggy sometimes,
so using our service will eliminate that from your car.
You are also supporting a very ECO minded company, who live what they sell.
We hope it matters to you that your money goes back into Maui and
taking care of the planet and those on it!

Other questions?
Feel free to email zerowastemaui@gmail.com
or call 808-244-0443



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