Why Recycle?
Everyday the world is getting smaller and with our delicately balanced ecosystem we are reminded of our interdependence with all living things. How much pollution can the Earth tolerate before we are all willing to take full responsibility. We need to learn to reuse our resources that otherwise might end up in the ground, in the water or in the air as a potential pollutant. Here on Maui this is a special concern. Everyday we import thousands of tons of materials from around the world. Only a small fraction is returned to the source. Where does the rest of it go?

How did Maui Recycling Service get started?
In 1990, one man, a borrowed truck and 25 concerned citizens brought Maui its first curbside collection service. Since that time Maui Recycling Service, Inc. has successfully expanded into the commercial sector and now recovers more tonnage of recycled material than any other hauler. Our "hands-on" method ensures that the materials are source-separated.

We are environmentally conscious and socially committed individuals who find expending our energies within our community personally rewarding. For more see the MRS Team

The Cost Of Recycling
In Hawaii we are at least 2500 miles from anywhere else in the world which makes shipping very expensive. On the mainland there is a large industry for processing recovered resources but at the present time there is not a large enough volume of material to support a large-scale industry in Hawaii. Therefore, the fee that we charge our customers is the main source of revenue for the company. We expect that in the future there will be more participation by local and state government to make recycling a less expensive part of our daily lives.

According to some estimates, 80% of all the waste produced on Maui comes from the business sector. That works out to be 400-500 tons a day and includes greenwaste, food-waste, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass. Maui Recycling Service, Inc. services any size business, from the largest hotels to the one-person office. We customize programs that fit the individual company and provide free support materials. To help with source separation we have a full range of recycling containers, 32 Gallon, 64 Gallon, and 96 Gallon universal bins. Larger bins, 1.25 yard, 2 yard, and 4 cubic yard for large cardboard producers.

Curbside pickup for homes has always been our business. From Napili to Makena, and from Ulupalakua to Huelo we offer a convenient monthly service. We collect mixed paper, cardboard, aluminum, tin cans, plastic, styrofoam, and glass. We provide written information to assist in the separation process. Many of our home customers have reduced their garbage by 50 to 75% by recycling. Sorting through one's own garbage throws light on our "disposable" society. While showing us how we can directly participate in reclaiming the Earth's valuable resources.

Completing the Circle
The final step, whether at home or in business, is to buy products that contain recycled material and that are friendly to the environment. Maui Recycling Service, Inc. has always been a supporter of this equation. We encourage everyone to become more aware of what they are consuming and it's potential effects on our environment.

The Future
The future is here now. Recycling is a human issue, one that we all must take responsibility for. How we deal with our waste can reflect how we deal with our lives. Maui Recycling Service, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the beautiful environment of Maui. Now is the time for us all to participate.
If not now, When?

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